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Concept Marketing is the dance that takes place when social media marketing, tech and event planning meet.


Concept Marketing takes your business, organization, or brand off the digital grid and into the hands of your key audiences, in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Most businesses operate as if they are bounded by some arbitrary set of rules, standards, or expectations artificially placed by the industry, field, or scope in which they inhabit. They are the same expectations that govern how individual businesses are marketed. Concept marketing gives businesses permission to break through pre-determined expectations and allow for a breakthrough to take place. This is looking at branding in a different way.

What do we mean?

Well, take us for example. Sure, there are many agencies that offer influencer marketing and social media management. We are one of them. But, we are also so much more. We took our company brand and gave it the mediums to exist well beyond "what we do". 


Just take a look around. We created Micro Business Monday™ after realizing that small business doesn't apply to every small business. We started smART School to educate local entrepreneurs about current business topics in a creative format. And we launched This is Hrs., the first co-working space in Exposition Park to serve profit-driven, socially-conscious dream-chasers. To bridge the gap between digital and livable communities we planned a series of pop-up dinners and pop-up art exhibitions for a social enterprise cafe and L.A.undry; a guerrilla-style underground art gallery in downtown Los Angeles. And lastly we developed an Amazon Alexa Skill, Micro Business Monday™ Tips to create another distribution channel for content on an emerging platform.

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