hassan nicholas

del campo

Creative Director/Social Enterprise Consultant

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a bit about me:

Greetings! I am Hassan Nicholas del Campo. I am currently the Creative Director for Shared Harvest Fund, a tech startup that developed an innovative way to combat the student loan debt crisis in the U.S.

Prior to my work with the Fund, I served as a senior program manager and director of microenterprise initiatives for South Los Angeles-based CDFI RISE Financial Pathways. Working intimately with several emerging businesses eventually inspired me to co-found Manifesto Cafe, a social enterprise community cafe that I opened in Northeast Los Angeles. After concentrating my efforts in a bevy of projects, I ultimately founded Social Mediums, a creative consultancy agency for social enterprises and mission-driven organizations.

Please click through the menu above to view samples of my work and learn more about how I've added value to emerging businesses and organizations in Los Angeles and beyond.