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looking up, a digital marketing agency reflects on 2017

Pictured above, our marketing & consultant agency branding aprons to represent our work with food-based enterprises.

'Twas the night before Christmas Eve, when all through the office. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Just a leaky faucet.

In retrospect 2017 has been an awesome year. Looking back is a passive exercise. But, self-reflection is a practice of humility. Growth is essential. And as we collect from the past, we learn to soon forget it.

One of the greatest gifts that we received this year was and is the permission to grow. When we first started our agency there were certain expectations of what and who we wanted to be - expectations built on a foundation of anxiety and naïveté. And we continued to dwell in this frame, contributing to it our frustrations and fears. Then, we discovered who we are, or even better, who we didn't want to become. Discovering the ethos of your company is an important process for the small business owner - especially during the growing pains of figuring st*ff out that we romanticize as the "start up" phase. But if you listen close, your environment always leaves clues.

Now here we are, eagerly looking up and over the hurdles and challenges we know to anticipate. We know now they are just hills and mountains that, once conquered and climbed, offer a better view.

And then we sit and enjoy the sunset.

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