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agency picks: essential photo apps

We take pictures, but we're not photographers.

As a digital marketing agency we're often tasked with taking over a client's Instagram account. We admit, we enjoy it. And it shows; so much so that we even created a workshop about how to take photos for Instagram. Full disclosure: we've ran through our fair share of apps. From Snapseed to Pixlr and everything in between. But, we've found some to be more appropriate for our needs over others.

So, with that said, here's our agency picks of (our) essential photo editing apps that we just can't live without. And since we're visual people, we did you the favor of providing examples of each. Boom.

VSCO - I mean, an app with 10 million downloads has to be doing something right, right? We appreciate the sexy UX and the powerful features..

social mediums example of VSCO app applied to a photo

Square InstaPic - What we love about this app is the 'background' function, which allows you to superimpose an image on another (different or same). You can get really creative with this feature - which in our opinion is the highlight of this app.

Shapical - This app allows you to add beautiful , sharp geometric shapes onto your photos - instantly transforming into an elegant work of art. Our tip, don't abuse it. While the shapes themselves look awesome on their own, it won't necessarily fit the aesthetic of every photo.

AppForType - An uber user-friendly app that lets you add beautiful lettering to any photos. It comes pre-loaded with a some high quality script fonts. This is like...the perfect quote meme generator (if you want to be taken seriously).

MirrorLab - Basically does what it sounds like. Cool, nonetheless.

FilterLoop - This is another premium photo editor app that would satisfy most of your needs. However, our favorite feature about this app is the filter overlays (reminiscent of Pixlr) that add depth and aesthetic to your photos, without becoming the center piece.

Honorable mentions:

GIANT SQUARE - Splitting images to post to Instagram as a grid is a popular trend and, if not abused, can turn an Instagram feed into a beautifully curated gallery.

Eraser - Remove the background of your image, post as is, or add another background, Photoshop-style, with the accompanying app. Some users might find the technique a little tricky to master, but once you get it right you'll have a lot of fun.

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