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going off the grid

Marketing may not be dead, but it doesn't have to advance with social media. As marketers we're sometimes groomed into a dependency on digital tools as the modus operandi. It's understandable. We live in an increasingly digital world that, if one so desires, can be completely integrated into one's life to the extent that they never have to leave their screen.

As marketers we've struggled with this. And by "we" I mean Us. Perhaps it's the fear that we become so accustomed to communicating and thinking in terms of posts, likes, and shares that we'll forget that outdoor seating at coffee shops can also be for random conversations with strangers and not just an extension of the home office.

The Age of Social Media has made us performance artists and our audience is anyone with access to our screens. It is an experience that can leave one jaded like an actor performing a one-person play sharing a crowded stage with other performers, simultaneously.

For this reason, we want to make a concerted effort to not run away from being Human. How, as digital marketers, we'll pull this off is...where the Adventure begins.

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