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pop in/pop out | SOBREMESA kitchen pop-up

Pop-ups can be an amazing way to engage new and current audiences to your business and brand. When I was working with social enterprise Manifesto Cafe, we devised a schedule of food "pop-ups" to host at the restaurant under the brand name "SOBREMESA" (a term that describes the after-dinner conversation that takes place after a good meal). The pop-up would take place for one scheduled night and be open to the public. The partner chef would essentially take over the cafe, bringing in their own decorations and flair to give it their own personal style. We advertised ticket sales on EventBrite and our social media accounts. Participators were expected to promote the event within their network as well. To start, we outreached to local chefs and cooks who were interested in testing out their original plates in a restaurant-setting.

SOBREMESA proved to be a great experience not only for patrons, but for staff as well. Team members appreciated the "change of scenery" and patrons enjoyed participating in something unique and special. Because every pop-up was co-hosted by a different cook and different theme, there was an element of FOMO (fear of missing out) that made the one-time dinners that much more attractive. Strategically, it allowed the cafe to reach different audiences of different palates and tastes. For instance, while the cafe itself served an original menu of American-themed dishes, SOBREMESA brought Middle Eastern, Cuban, and even Vegan Mexican cuisine to its kitchen, without competing with other restaurants.

And it doesn't need to stop at food establishments. Check out this art gallery pop-up in laundromats I started as a side project to promote artists and advocate for art spaces in the community.

Can your business or brand harness the power of pop-ups? While your competitors are occupied with creating content online, we use the tool of concept marketing (a term I coined!) to create content offline and directly into the physical space of our customers.

Don't stand out. Pop out.

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