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Is social media marketing dying?

You could say we went underwent an identity crisis. 'We' meaning our digital marketing agency. Marketing always seemed natural because we were born creators. We found joy in the ideation process of coming up with strategic and outlandish ideas - and it didn't necessarily have to be for businesses. We simply enjoy creating. Thus, creating social media marketing campaigns for businesses and organizations seemed like a natural fit. It satisfies both sides of the brain; giving us permission to be visual architects with a marketing edge.

But, we now feel a little disconnected. Much of social media marketing relies on current digital platforms of communication as a distribution channel for placing products and services in front of people (or on their phones).

(Social media) Marketers ruin everything. Why? Because they manipulate platforms designed for building human connections as a tool for broadcasting. Need proof? Facebook started out as a closed social network for college students at select universities. Now, it's essentially an integrated platform that caters to advertisers and marketers.

This presents an interesting situation - a challenge for marketers. If the current & popular social media platforms are becoming saturated, predictable, and less potent where will we go? We at Social Mediums believe the future lies in "the internet of things" - the inter-networking of physical devices ("smart" devices) with the ability to exchange and collect data. But, we welcome the challenge. If we truly want to stay competitive, on top of trends, and looking to the future, this reality will help us evolve as a business and progress as better marketers.

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