Do you know how to use social media for marketing your business? As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the pathways to develop a sustainable and impactful business, leveraging social media tools and digital marketing. Our services for emerging and established entrepreneurs offer a myriad of strategies designed to take your business, brand, or idea to the next stage. As a client, you'll receive a social media marketing proposal outlining the activities we'll execute, every step of the way.​ Use the following packages as a guide for the type and level of engagement that your business or brand requires.

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Read our case study about Manifesto Cafe - A small business we helped reach more customers and increase profits through a results-driven social media marketing and brand management campaign.


Effective social media management is all about how you communicate with your audience. We understand that the power of relationships rests in consistent and purposeful exchange between owner and customer. We interact with your target audience - giving your business a personalized, intimate feel that consumers appreciate.


Content has no value unless it has a targeted purpose. We "listen" to your competition...and potential customers, to identify trends, threats, and opportunities to assure that your curated content is as strategic as possible. We employ tactics that enable us to monitor the landscape and your industry - so that you don't have to.


To get the most out of your social media accounts you'll require a proactively managed campaign. By working with our business curators you'll inherit a treasure trove of experience, professional networks, and resources. As part of your marketing team we offer on-going counsel and seek opportunities that support growth and sustainability.

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