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coffee + ideation | creative consulting

In 2017 I was handed the social media accounts of an emerging social enterprise cafe and market, that wanted to rejuvenate their Instagram feed with more robust and eye-catching content. 

I was later tasked with creating a co-working concept that the business would leverage for an additional income source.

deliverables: social media account management, content creation, event planning

be healthy | corner store conversions

My experience as a cafe entrepreneur owner-operator, with a social mission, helped connect me with like-minded organizations that sought to replicate similar successes. 

In 2018 I was contracted by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to act as a business & marketing consultant for their Healthy Neighborhood Market Network. Under this program, I worked alongside business owners to introduce practical solutions and campaigns to help them transition into #goodfood stores; stores in underserved areas that uphold certain nutritional standards.

deliverables: business plan, advertisement & merchandise design, social media planning, marketing strategy, event planning, layout design

help wanted | nonprofit in east la

A large nonprofit organization was gearing up for #GivingTuesday, and requested a social media campaign and calendar that could be deployed internally, ahead of the holiday season.

Additionally, the nonprofit was preparing for a commercial real estate project, which included a museum and community center, and required a written business plan as requested by the developers and their investors.

deliverables: business plan, social media campaign and calendar

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